Which type of craft would you like to register for 2019/20?

Form 1- Registration Renewal Forms (Click Link)

Conditions of Registration & Information Sheet 2019/20 - Please Read

Annual Registration Fees 2019/20

Private Vessels

Form 2 - Powered - including cruisers, narrowboats, barges and open craft (house boats should also use this form)

 *A ll Powered Craft owners entering the River Cam after 01 October requiring full registration should contact the office (01223 863785) for details of fees. Some Powered Vessels will be eligible for an Off Peak reduction in fees.


Form 3 - Manually Propelled - including pairs, sculls, fours, eights, canoes, kayaks, single punts, rowing dinghies and tenders

(note - membership of Canoe England/ British Canoeing includes access to the Cam and many other rivers)


Form 4 - Sailing- including sailing dinghies and yachts 


Commercial & RMO

Form 5 - Recognised Member Organisation- Manually Propelled Hire Vessels


Form 6 - Recognised Member Organisation- Manually Propelled Non-Hire Vessels 

Form 7- Commercial- Manually Propelled Vessels


Form 8 - Commercial- Powered Vessels



Form 9- Visiting Boats - Powered craft

Form 10- Visiting Sailing / Keel Boats

Please note that the default payment method for online applications is Paypal or card payments.  Your options of payment are described in this 'how to pay' pdf.

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