Events & Calendar


Due to the impact of the current social distancing restrictions on events held on the river which has caused a number of events to be cancelled, the Conservators have agreed to refund organisations any fees which they may have already paid with respect to any event which has had to be cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.

If you are navigating our river you may find it useful to look at our diary of events (this includes closures and navigation restrictions).

We often have events taking place on the river, including fishing matches. These events should not close the river, but may restrict movement for health and safety reasons while an event is taking place.


We try to update the information regarding events as soon as possible, however until an event has been paid for, we cannot confirm that this is going ahead. You will see Events named but labelled "Subject to approval" in this instance.


Should you have plans to hold an event on the river, whatever the size, please read our information on Events and our Event Terms and Conditions by clicking on this link:  organising an event