Boat Registration

The 1st of April 2022 is the first day of the new registration period for all boats/vessels on the River Cam. Please ensure your vessels are appropriately registered. The byelaw requirements for this are set out in our byelaws section 8. Registration of Boats.
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Staff training days

21st & 22nd June 2022
Staff will not be available to answer the telephone or respond immediately to emails, however we will respond as soon as possible to your enquiries.

Thank you for your patience.

Organisation Changes

After following a lengthy period of due diligence carried out by the Conservators, a revised structure of operations was agreed and as a consequence there are a number of changes both in structure and in the members of the team.

In October 2021 Mr T Larnach stepped down as River Manager to run his own company, River and Rural. He was joined by former Conservancy Navigation Officers. River and Rural Limited and the Conservators entered into a river maintenance agreement in October 2021. This means that the work carried out to maintain the river, reaction to emergencies and various other works will be carried out by River and Rural Limited. 

The job title of River Manager no-longer exists due to the significant changes to the former role. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will have overall responsibility for the operational management of the Conservancy, ensuring that it meets its strategic goals.

The roles of Control Officer and Clerk have also been separated into 2 new jobs, with the new job of the River Patrol Officer (RPO) incorporating the role of Control Officer, and a new postion for the Clerk to the Conservators (Clerk). Recruitment took place and appointments were made to these roles in March 2022. There are 2 further key supporting officers who hold the job title Licensing and Finance Officer (LFO).

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Conservator's response to public consultation 2021
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Notice on Rowing Fees

Upon review of the proposed increases for 2022 - 23 it has become apparent that the table of rowing fees presented to conservators at the board meeting on the 27th January 2022 included the increase of the proposed 2.5% but not 4.6% CPIH as intended. It was decided that the 2022 - 23 rowing craft fees should remain as tabulated on the papers and reflect only the 2.5% increase.

Boat for Sale 
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