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Please look at this link for the Temporary Navigation Restriction issed by the Control Officer for the May Ball dates: Monday 19th June 2023; Tuesday 20th June 2023. Between the hours of 19.00 - 23.00 between Garret Hostel Lane and the Bridge of Sighs.

Navigation Restriction Notice

Bank Repair Works

Work continues on repairing the banks between the A14 bridge and Baits Bite Lock.  This means that static vessels and barges may be in situ on the river in that location. Signage and lights will be in use, however we urge those using the river and the towpath to take care when using this part of the river and towpath. The area will be made available during any scheduled events.

2023/24 Registrations
Registrations will be processed in order of receipt where there are no outstanding queries. The turnover time from application to licence is 10 days. Please be aware that during March and April, due to the increased volume of communications, there may be a delay in email response.
If you have a boat on the river Cam it must be registered with the Conservancy as soon as possible to avoid further action.
Anglian Pass holder must hold a valid annual registration for either the Middle Level Commissioners, the Environment Agency (Great Ouse) or hold a CRT Gold Lience. Any vessel previously holding a Anglian Pass but remains on the Conserva
ncy Navigation for over 90 days in the registration year, must apply for a full Conservany annual registration/licence.

Boat Registration

Annual Registration
The 1st of April to the 31st of March the following year represents the registration period for all boats/vessels that  use the River Cam. River users should be aware that to use a vessel on the navigation without a valid licence representing the vessels annual registration, is a breach to the Conservancy Byelaws. The byelaw requirements for this are set out in our byelaws section 8. Registration of Boats. Please ensure your vessels are appropriately registered.

The Conservancy send out reminders to register to current licence holders each February, therefore it is important for vessel owners to ensure that the contact information held is accurate and up to date. Please contact our team to update your details should they change during the year.

For Applications and further information please visit the Boat Registration Tab.

Visiting Vessels

Visiting Powered vessels that hold a valid Anglian Pass, available from the Environment Agency, clearly displaying their unique vessel number are considered registered to use the Conservancy navigation. It should be noted that all necessary conditions of the Anglian Pass must be met.

Details of the Anglian Pass may be found on the following website page:

It should be noted that there are no Visitors Passes or Visitor registrations other than the Anglian Pass. Vessels visiting for event participation should contact the Event Organiser for details regarding accessing the Conservancy  navigation.

EA re open Bottisham Lock 

On 08/05/23  the EA issued an emergency navigation closure of Bottisham Lock due to mechanical failure. This has now been fixed and the lock is re-open as communicated by The EA Great Ouse Waterways Team ( 03708 506506 .)

Navigation and Towpath Update 02/02/2023

Seasonal Activity



Weed Cutting Schedule - 

Towards the end of the week commencing Mon 29th May 2023 the cycle of weed cutting will begin from Bottisham Lock upstream. 

This will continue to Clayhithe week commencing 05/06.

Clayhithe to Baitsbite Lock weed cut will start week commencing 12/06. 

Baitsbite Lock to Jesus Lock is scheduled week commencing 19/06.  The exact timings may vary dependent upon weather, weed growth at specific locations, and river conditions for example. 

Coming Up:

Further information, when it's available, will be added here and to our calendar.

Note on Pennywort:

Pennywort is an invasive species which is to be found along the river Cam and in other waterways around the country. As such managing it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency, however the Conservancy and it's contractor works alongside volunteer groups in removing it from the river where possible. Groups such as Cam Valley Forum and the Cam Sailing Club are particularly active in monitoring it and initiating clearance. If you spot pennywort, please let us know, where possible we will try and organise it's removal.

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