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UPDATE 26/02/2024


Tree works on Conservancy land, impacting the towpath, are now complete. It is noticeable in areas, that the combination of wet conditions and the necessary use of heavy machinery have caused the churning of soil near to the A14 bridge. The public must keep to the towpath, especially in the section which is some 50 metres in length, from the A14 bridge, and running immediately downstream of it. There may also be mud on the pathway itself, and we would ask that towpath users take care in this area.


Clayhithe 48 hour visitor mooring - partial closure

Update: 21/12/2023

Please be aware the Conservancy will be undertaking revetment repairs from mid January approximately 400 metres upstream from Clayhithe bridge.

Please contact us on 01223 863785 if you require any further information.

A gap has been identified between the bank and concrete caping along the revetments at the 48 hour mooring . The visitor mooring is therefore partially closed at the upstream end, pending restoration works to ensure public safety.

New dates for Conservator events 

Opening of Jesus Lock - 5 March 2024 at 11am 

The official opening of Jesus Lock by Daniel Zeichner MP.

All welcome to attend. 

Meet the Conservators event

DATE: 25 April 2024 at 17:00. 

VENUE: Darwin College 

An opportunity to meet the Conservators and Officers. Understand the Conservancy role, current project and future projects. 

Anglian Water Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation Project - Update 11/12/23

The Conservancy is engaged in positive discussions with Anglian Water around this project. It is considering the potential impacts during :


  • The construction phase, which will involve some temporary restrictions to the navigation.

  • The operation of the outlet, it is anticipated that the impact will be minimal.

  • Any necessary maintenance works.


The Conservancy is also working to ensure that any powers granted to Anglian Water in the fulfilment of this project are no more than are necessary. 


 Notice of reclaimed vessels


Details of the vessels can be found here.

Annual Boat Registration

The 1st of April to the 31st of March the following year represents the registration period for all boats/vessels that  use the River Cam. River users should be aware that to use a vessel on the navigation without a valid licence representing the vessels annual registration, is a breach to the Conservancy Byelaws. The byelaw requirements for this are set out in our byelaws section 8. Registration of Boats. Please ensure your vessels are appropriately registered.

For Applications and further information please visit the Boat Registration page or click here.

Visiting Vessels
Please ensure that if you are visiting the Cam in a powered boat that you already hold an Anglian Pass.
Details of the Anglian Pass may be found on the following website page:

It should be noted that there are no Visitors Passes or Visitor registrations other than the Anglian Pass. Vessels visiting for event participation should contact the Event Organiser for details regarding accessing the Conservancy  navigation.

Click this link for information on the 2024/25 Licence Fees




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