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Man on a Bench

Memorial Policy 

Conservators of the River Cam recognises that from time to time a member of the public may wish to install a bench on Conservancy land (the towpath otherwise know as Halingway) as a memorial tribute.  To this end the Conservancy have produced a memorial policy which can be found here


The Conservancy is mindful that the areas where these memorial benches can be placed are enjoyed by a wide range of people and so need to ensure that the service is managed and regulated for the benefit of all.

This policy sets out to ensure that any proposals for installing a memorial bench are:

  • Straightforward.

  • In keeping with the surroundings and use of the proposed site.

  • Consistent with Conservators of the River Cam obligation to provide a safe environment on the riverbank and towpath

If you are interested in applying for a memorial bench please email

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