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Conservators of the River Cam Observer 2024 – Nominations open


In addition to the thirteen appointed Conservators, the Conservancy annually selects observers to participate in the Full Body Quarterly meetings. Among these, three observers also attend Regulatory Committee meetings. Typically, these observers are volunteers from the river community. During the recent quarterly meeting of the Conservators, a decision was made to extend the term to two years starting from January 1, 2024. Some existing Observers will have the opportunity to extend their position for an additional year.


This is a non-statutory, non-voting role that benefits from broad representation across various river user groups. Observers have the chance to collaborate with the Conservancy in its responsibility for maintaining the navigation of the Cam, addressing any arising matters, concerns, and viewpoints. It is anticipated that observers will disseminate information and insights from the meetings to their respective groups, shedding light on the Conservancy's work and providing an avenue for comments and input.


Observer appointments can be pursued by completing a brief application form available here, alternatively please use the attached form and send to . The deadline for submitting applications is midnight on 30 December 2023.

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