The Conservators

The existence, duties and powers of the Conservators are derived from Acts of Parliament, the earliest of which was passed in 1702. They are appointed by Cambridge City Council (7), the University of Cambridge (3), the Environment Agency (2) and Cambridgeshire County Council (1). 


Meetings of the Conservators are held quarterly and the public are welcome to attend.


The Conservators' income comes from the registration of boats, contract payment for work undertaken for the Environment Agency and the local authorities through whose land the river flows, some small grants, and income from property and other assets.


The Conservancy is run on a day to day basis by River Team consisting of the River Manager and 5 operational staff.

Business Plan

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Cambridge University

Dr R D H Walker (Chair)

Professor K S Richards (Deputy Chair)

Dr D Munday 

Cambridge City Council

Cllr D Tunnacliffe

Cllr M Sargeant

Cllr N Massey

Dr M Block

Ms K Hurst

Mr J Ross

Ms C Salisbury

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cllr A Bradnam

Environment Agency

Mr N Arnold

Mr C Brown


Mr D Bradley

Mr R T Bryant

Mr W Key

Cllr H Smith

Mr M Arnold
Dr M Block

Mr G Parrish

Mr R Moseley

Cllr T Wotherspoon
Mr J Martin

Mr P Separovic

Mr B Hawden 

Mr J Macnaghten

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