The Conservators

The existence, duties and powers of the Conservators are derived from Acts of Parliament, the earliest of which was passed in 1702. They are appointed by Cambridge City Council (7), the University of Cambridge (3), the Environment Agency (2) and Cambridgeshire County Council (1). 


There are currently 2 vacant Conservator seats, one from the University and one from Cambridge City Council. No Conservator receives an income from the Conservancy for the fulfilment of their role, and for the majority of Conservators, this remains an entirely voluntary role.

Meetings of the Conservators are held quarterly and the public are usually welcome to attend. Currently members of the public are restricted to the appointed Observers due to health and safety precautions stipulated by the host venue on attendence numbers. A review will take place for the meeting to be held in July 2022. 


The Conservators' income comes largely from the registration of boats, other income is generated from fees charged for works on the river, rental income and more recently, for work undertaken on behalf of the Environment Agency.The Conservancy does not received any subsidy from the governments or any local authorities, it remains entirely self funding. All income raised is put back into fulfilling the Conservancy statutory responsibilities, and any monies Conservators have invested are expected to produce a financial return which will suppliment the organisation's income.



Cambridge University

Mr S Morris

Mr G Greenfield

Mr R Turnill

Cambridge City Council

Dr M Block

Ms C Hurst (Chair)

Mr A Storer

Cllr K Thornburrow

Mr T Wotherspoon

Cllr R Swift

Cllr D Levien

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cllr A Bradnam (Deputy Chair)

Environment Agency

Mr P Separovic

Mr C Brown


Mr M Arnold

Mr R Ingersent

Mr J Macnaghten

Mr W Key/ Mr J Martin

Ms E Wynne

Ms C Lindon

Mr E Buttfield