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Punting on the River Cam

Taking a punt up the River Cam is one of the quintessential experiences of Cambridge.  The hotspot for this is the area known as the 'Backs' - which are the backs of the colleges.  They can only be viewed from the River and make for spectular viewing.


We license the punt operators and you can either hire a small punt and take yourself up the Backs or hire a chauffeur to take you.  We would recommend you use a licensed punt company from one of official punt stations.  


The locations can be viewed on our google map:


You are not just limited to punting on the Backs - if you take a punt upstream you can enjoy the beautiful section of the River Cam as it winds it way south towards its source.


The BBC also has an excellent guide on punting that you can view here (opens in new window).


The licensed companies in Cambridge are:

Cambridge Chauffeur Punts

Cambridge Punting Company

Cambridge Punters 

Let's Go Punting

Rutherford's Punting Company 

Scholars Punting Cambridge

Scudamore's Punting

GHL Chauffeur Punts

Traditional Punting Company




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