Legislative Framework


The Conservancy (formally: The Conservators of the River Cam) is a Body Corporate, created and regulated by Acts of Parliament (principally the River Cam Navigation Act 1851 and the River Cam Conservancy Act 1922).  It is the statutory Navigation Authority for the River Cam, within its area, as defined by the 1922 Act.  It is empowered by the 1922 Act to make Byelaws to regulate the River.  The relevant Acts and the Byelaws can be inspected through the links below.


1845 Land Clauses Consolidation Act 


1845 Railway Clauses Consolidation Act


1847 Commissioners Clauses Act (view) (download)


1851 River Cam Navigation Act


1922 River Cam Conservancy Act


1985 Cambridge City Council Act

1996 Conservators of the River Cam Byelaws


2012 Code of Practice for Commercial Punt Operators

2018 Conservators of the River Cam Privacy Policy


Superceded Byelaws

Byelaws - 1925, 1950, 1970



For registration & licensing email: licensing@camconservators.org.uk 

For instalment consent email: river.manager@camconservators.org.uk

For River incidents please use our online form on this website

Navigation Emergency number: 01223 646459 (This is only for use for navigation emergencies such as boat adrift, lock malfunction and boat sinking)



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