Organising a River Cam Event

If you wish to hold an event on the river or towpath - such as a race, festival, charity event or so on - you will need permission from us to do this. Please see below for the link to the Event Fee Form which provides us with essential information and must be completed no later than 6 weeks prior to the event taking place.

Please follow this link for the event application form. 

Health & Safety

It is essential that all events however large or small have a robust risk assessment which we may request. Please ensure that when planning the event you request permission for any vehicular access for toilets, equipment and other items. You will need adequate insurance and Risk Assessments with regards to the use of a vehicle on the tow path. This is a pedestrian and cycle way and we are conscious of the Health and Safety risks there are when using vehicles on it. Should any damage occur to the land due to the use of vehicles the cost will be passed on to the organiser.

When organising an event you may wish to consider contacting your local Safety Advisory Group, 'SAG' .  This provides a source of useful advice and guidance from various agencies to help you plan a safe event. For Cambridge City  'SAG' please contact:


We have an increasing population of the endangered Water Vole, which is regularly monitored by an ecologist. We also have a population of swans which at certain times of the year nest along the Cam and are often seen with cygnets. It is prohibited to disturb their habitat and cause any harm to come to birds and wildlife and we would ask event organisers to take this into consideration when using the river, accessing the banks and using the towpath. 

Please remember - all wild birds and animals are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We expect there to be adequate provision in all risk assessments for wildlife/bird protection.

As long as it doesn't clash with any other pre-booked events already on our diary and meets our requirements we will book you in! 

Fees should be paid no later than 6 weeks in advance.


 Please refer to our Event Terms and Conditions.